Sunday, June 29, 2008


I happened on this image today and thought it was funny. I'm so glad that they got bikes figured out before I tried to ride them. I would have looked just like this guy.

Yesterday, I saw a lady, who was standing still with her bike, fall over and smack her face into the asphalt. I had just pulled off a dirt trail, and her husband saw me come out of the trail. He thought, "Hey, that looks more interesting than this paved path." While he was checking it out, I stopped to get a drink. His wife waited for him to realize he was not going to get to go on the fun path. When she turned to smirk at him, she tipped on over and hit her face on the pavement (good thing she was wearing a helmet).

I was nice enough to act like I didn't see it, and lifted my water bottle up like I was drinking. She wasn't badly hurt. I figured she'd rather me not ask if she was okay- cause it really looked silly to fall over while standing still.

Speaking of failures, here's a good video to help keep things in perspective.

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